850 turn out for last weekend's fishing derbies


The weather for the Cumberland County and Sebago Lake Fishing Derbies Feb. 16-17 was “perfect for an ice fishing derby.”

Over 850 participants registered and turned out in droves. 

“Saturday was ideal with little wind and warm enough for families to be out. Sunday was colder, but many true blue fishermen were not discouraged from coming out,” said Cyndy Bell, president of Sebago Lake Rotary Club. “Weather conditions were perfect, really, for an ice fishing derby.”

The Cumberland County Derby was cancelled in 2015 due to deteriorating ice conditions, and the Sebago Lake Derby was cancelled in 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2017. This year, the ice remained thick enough for “a very successful event,” according to Bell, who is an advertising accounts manager for the Lakes Region Weekly.

Prize winners


1. 33 1/16 inches 10.54 pounds, Justin Elliot
2. 33 1/16 inches 10.10 pounds, Josh Watson of Richmond
3. 25¾ inches 5.6 pounds, Koral Smith


1. 24¼ inches 3.64 pounds, Jesse Allen of Bridgton
2. 24¾ inches 3.45 pounds, Tim LaBreck of Buxton
3. 24¾ inches 3.3 pounds, Jesse Allen Jr.


1. 35¾ inches 11.9 pounds, David Gushee of Gorham
2. 32 inches 7.7 pounds, Warren Mills of Windham
3. 29 inches 5.92 pounds, Benjamin Carlin


1. 13¼ inches 1.42 pounds, Jacob Burrows
2. 13¼ inches 1.36 pounds, Jacob Burrows
3. 13 inches 1.35 pounds, Nick Gallant 

ATV: Joshua Martin McNaughton
Mercury outboard motor: Jim Goodale

At the Maine Children’s Cancer Program Polar Dip, a team called “FOR THE KIDS,” made up of Maine Children’s Cancer Program board members and Maine Children’s Cancer Program Philanthropy staff members, wore colorful suits. 

David Gushee of Gorham caught the largest pike at last weekend’s Cumberland County and Sebago Lakes Fishing Derbies. It was 35¾ inches long and weighed 11.9 pounds.

Nick Gallant won third place for his perch, earning him a trophy and a $100 gift card to Kittery Trading Post.