After deployment, vet to run B2B with wife


WINDHAM – Last August, Adam Davis, 27, of Windham cheered on his wife, Katie Davis, 27, at the TD Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth. Ten days later, he shipped off to Afghanistan with the 133rd Engineer Battalion.

On Saturday morning, the young couple, who married in August 2012 and have known each other since they were children, will run the Beach to Beacon together. It will be Adam Davis’s first official 10K race.

“It’s exciting that he was able to make it home and be able to run it,” said Katie Davis. “We’ve been training for it. He wasn’t able to run a lot overseas because of the dust and the air quality. So he’s been trying to make up for it.”

Adam Davis returned from the war zone on July 1. Originally from Casco, he attended Lake Region public schools with his wife-to-be, and joined the Army Reserves after graduating from Lake Region High School in 2005 in order to pay for his education at Saint Joseph’s College, where he studied history and political science. In 2009, he signed up with the Maine Army National Guard.

Davis was deployed as a staff officer with the 133rd, and was based out of the Bagram Air Force Base, the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. He worked across the country planning efforts to deconstruct bases or make them smaller, and conducting threat analyses.

“We were doing basically whatever it took to close the bases safely and responsibly,” he said. “We looked at what insurgents were up to, and we tried to look at ways to mitigate threats so that our guys were as safe as possible, either when we were traveling or working on different sites.”

Davis said that he spent most of his time in what he called a “forward deployed office.”

“I spent the year in an office,” he said. “I sat in a tent with plywood walls and stared at a computer for most days. It wasn’t that exciting.”

“It was really what I expected it to be, more or less,” he added. “Kind of like a good dentist visit. You don’t really look forward to it, you don’t really enjoy it at the time, but afterward, you’re glad that you did it.”

The couple enjoys running together around Back Cove in Portland, and occasionally in 5K races. Katie Davis often places in those races.

In Afghanistan, Adam Davis said he wasn’t motivated to run very much.

“I didn’t go outside and run as much as I’d like,” he said. “It’s just not a fun place to go running.”

Katie Davis, who is an insurance adjuster with Chalmers Insurance Group, said she has had plenty of time to train during the past year.

“I’ve gotten into it a lot more since he’s been gone, since I’ve had a lot more time,” she said.

Katie Davis said she’s excited to run the Aug. 2 Beach to Beacon, which begins at 8 a.m., with her husband.

“It’s good to be doing it together, and it probably is one of my favorite races,” she said. “It’s a big deal.”

“It’s good to have him home and able to do that,” she added. “You never know what to expect until he gets back home into the U.S.”

After a year apart, Windham’s Adam and Katie Davis will run together in the TD Beach to Beacon 10K Saturday.