Apologies if visitor was speeding


I live at 308 Cape Road in Raymond and have tried hard to have local traffic respect the speed limit on the road. I have a sign in front of my house to help accentuate this. There are simply too many joggers, bike riders and kids on the road threatened by speeders.

Recently I received an anonymous letter in my mailbox accusing me of being a hypocrite since this person observed someone driving 50 mph and pulling into my driveway. Unfortunately, since the communication was unsigned, I have no chance to discuss and/or apologize to this individual. So if you are reading this, sir/madam, if indeed it was a visitor to my camp, I will try to be more diligent in practicing what I preach. Again please note that I apologize for any transgression on the part of anyone visiting my camp. I will try and do better, sorry.

Thomas A. Ewig