Babine an excellent candidate


As a Scarborough small business owner, a community volunteer and as a former Chicago Republican I understand and appreciate the challenges facing Scarborough and Maine. I brought my business, Sudzie Autowash, to Scarborough because it’s a great place to live and to do business. Even with that comfort, we can all agree that it’s getting more and more difficult to raise a family, pay for quality health care, pay our taxes (and I pay twice) and to build a better life.

Like you, I care deeply about Maine and its future. And like most Mainers, regardless of any political candidate’s party affiliation I vote for the candidate with a clear message and a strong vision. That candidate must be well grounded, remember where they came from, hold their principles firmly yet they must be willing to compromise earnestly when it is in the best interest of those he or she serves. That is why I’m supporting Shawn Babine for the Maine House.

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, we have the opportunity to vote for an excellent candidate. Shawn is committed to helping working families and our local, small businesses. His fiscal stewardship with Scarborough’s budget is a positive example of how advocating for taxpayers’ interests can be balanced with a growing community’s need for more services. Shawn Babine’s background as a community and statewide leader, his experience in corporate management and his dedication to the people he serves makes him ready to be an effective leader on the first day in the legislature. When you vote this Nov. 7, casting a vote for Shawn is casting a vote for Scarborough’s future.

John Massengill