Balentine column welcome addition to paper


I felt compelled to respond to Mr. Silbert of Standish as he wrote a letter to you concerning the new column written by John Balentine. I have lived in Raymond for about 20 years and John Balentine has filled various roles with your paper, he has been an important person in the history and success of LRW. I think it is important to say that and to say I believe he has been quite balanced in his leadership and writing at LRW over the years. I would also say welcome back to John!

The letter seemed to suggest a desire for you keep your newspaper pointed at local news only, but there was obviously a trace of simply disagreeing with Mr. Balentine’s assumed politics as well in this letter. I would encourage the letter writer to keep reading as John Balentine is a talented writer and I believe a balanced writer. Even in reading this current addition (3/10/17), the latest Balentine article should read better to Mr. Silbert.

In closing I want to comment on the interesting political times we are in. Many people nationally are in a foul mood as they believe the new president is a disaster. I find these same people don’t realize that many of us felt the same way about the most recent past president. We had to continue on through, what we now see as a loss of eight years in this country. The political pendulum swung far (far) left and now it is adjusting right. That happens. It will be hard for some. I am saddened by both the mood and in some cases actions of people who do not support the new president but heartened that when I look past the media coverage and the disruptions I see many positive signs already, in just two-plus months. Our business and job numbers are rebounding after a loss of eight  years. Talk about hope! It shows the greatness of this country. While I am one of those “nasty” conservatives, I look to the day when we all again become Americans first and Republicans/Democrats second.

Mike McClellan
Raymond, Maine