Balentine, Hiltunen no good for local paper


This concerns the fawning article written by apparent Trump admirer John Balentine in the May 4 issue, as well as articles regularly contributed by Lane Hiltunen.

Although some readers may applaud these views, there are more than a few readers like myself who find them offensive and tiresome. Mr. Balentine may be proud to be an American because of Trump, but many of us are not at all proud of this president.

With respect to Mr. Hiltunen’s articles – I credit him for having the energy to pen a new article each week, but it would be nice to change the theme from the normal one — taxes are too high and nearly everyone in government is corrupt and incompetent. Many of the people who serve in our local governments sacrifice their personal time to serve their communities and deserve some thanks and support, not disrespect.

With so much political conflict in the country, I do not enjoy picking up a local paper that further emphasizes partisanship and negativity.

John Manoush