Baseball: Bonny Eagle topples Scarborough in season-opener


SCARBOROUGH—Bonny Eagle cruised to victory on the road at Scarborough on Saturday morning, April 21, heaping up eight runs through the first fiving innings while holding the Storm silent. Connor Sirois led from the mound, his teammates played clean defense behind him, and the whole squad connected at the plate and took advantage of a long list of Scarborough missteps to triumph in the end, 9-4.

“I expected them to be well-coached,” Bonny Eagle head coach Ricky Hession said. “To be a good, competitive team. I thought we were going to have a competitive game today, and it ended up being that – we just got the big lead early.”

“I felt good,” Sirois said. “Definitely could tell it was the first time out, a few times, some of my pitches. But overall, I’m pretty happy.”

No. 2 batter Will Whyte walked to kick off the Scots’ offense in the top of the first. Arlo Pike followed Whyte onto base, his first 90 feet the result of contact plus a Storm error at third. Both boys scored on pass balls during Tyler Fitz’s turn in the box, three hitters later.

Bonny Eagle downed Scarborough’s one, two and three batters in the bottom of the stretch, Sirois luring Lamontagne and Alofs into flyouts to Whyte in right, then striking Pratt out swinging. The Scots promptly hashed two more in the top of the second: Cam Phinney scored on a Casey Maturo bunt, and Maturo scored on a pass ball during Pike’s next ups.

“It was awesome,” Sirois said, asked about the relatively error-free defense his teammates played behind him. “Our outfield, about any fly ball is going to get caught with the three kids we have out there. We’ve got some young kids in the infield, but they’ve done awesome. That’s going to be how we win games this year, defense, no doubt.”

Whyte, as mentioned, plays right for the Scots. Maturo plays center and Phinney left.

Bonny Eagle notched three in the third. Phinney scored again when Maturo sliced a ball barely fair down the rightfield line for a single he extended to second, and Logan Fogg and Maturo both scored when Sirois knocked a shot barely fair down the leftfield line, forcing another Scarborough error at third.

“I thought we did a great job of putting the ball in play, of not chasing their pitches, of waiting for our pitches,” Hession said. “At the beginning, it was just putting the ball in play, but our bats got even better as the game went on…We were aggressive on the bases, and took advantage of [their] errors.”

Scarborough looked poised to strike in the bottom of the third: Dom Spina logged a single, Zach DeQuattro walked and Pratt took a pitch to the body to load the bases for the Storm. In the mix, however, Sirois also struck out Lamontagne and Alofs, and the Scots escaped the danger when Clark flied out to Maturo.

Fogg tallied Bonny Eagle’s eighth of the day in the top of the fifth, reaching base on a sharp, short grounder the Scarborough pitcher couldn’t quite handle, advancing to second on a flawless bunt single by Maturo and eventually reaching home on a Sirois sac fly to center.

In the Storm’s next at-bats, they finally began making the contact they needed to make. Sirois had checked out and Bean checked in as his relief, and Scarborough simply hit Bean better, and to hit him to all the right spots. Lamontagne began the Storm push with a deep triple to center – Maturo nearly made the grab, but not quite; the ball just glanced off the tip of his glove as he was running backwards.

“[Connor] was getting up there, pitch-wise,” Hession said, asked about changing from his starter, “and he was getting a little tired. We haven’t full stretched him out. It’s a colder day. But yeah, very happy with the way he threw. His changeup was working well and he was pounding the strikezone.”

“I didn’t get to warm up much,” Sirois said, “but it was good. Did what we needed to do, anyway.”

“I think Jackson was leaving some pitches up,” Hession said, “and they have some good hitters over there. They just had some nice pieces of hitting. Jackson even made some of his pitches, and they were really taking advantage…Some clean contact, and they found some holes.”

Alofs singled, sending a shot barely over Greg Emerson’s glove at third and bringing Lamontagne home. Pratt followed Alofs up with a deep ball to right that dropped outside Whyte’s reach. Whyte fired off a spectacular throw toward third, an attempt to catch Alofs out, but overshot Emerson. That allowed Alofs to score and Pratt to lengthen a single into a double. Pratt eventually tallied when Nick Thompson hit into shallow center, though Pratt’s would be the last Scarborough run of the inning.

Each team picked up one more before the close of the contest: Phinney scored for a third time for Bonny Eagle in the top of the sixth, Fogg driving him in with a single, and Clark scored for Scarborough in the bottom of the seventh, Spina bringing him around with a sac fly to right. 9-4.

Sirois finished the day with seven Ks. Maturo led the Bonny Eagle offense, going 3-4. Lamontagne, Pratt and Noah Frink all went 2-4 for the Storm.

“Hopefully it opened some people’s eyes,” Sirois said of the win. “I think we know we can be pretty good. But like I said, we’ve got to play defense, we’ve got to hit the ball.”

Bonny Eagle hosted Falmouth on the Tuesday the 24th, falling 11-8. They travel to Gorham on the 28th. Next up for Scarborough: Noble, whom they hosted on Monday the 23rd, losing 5-4. The Storm dropped in on Westbrook on Tuesday, winning 6-2; they welcome Marshwood on Thursday.

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Connor Sirois pitched four complete for the Scots, hashing seven Ks.

Casey Maturo lays down a bunt for the Scots.

Bonny Eagler Will Whyte fouls off a pitch.

Bonny Eagle’s Tyler Fitz fouls off a pitch.

Scot Cam Phinney dives back to first.

Bonny Eagle’s Christian Napolitano dives back to first.

Casey Maturo arrives home for the Scots.

Bonny Eagle second baseman Logan Fogg fires a ball toward first.

Arlo Pike slides home for the Scots, early in their road matchup at Scarborough on Saturday.