Because it’s Christmas


“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”
Winston Churchill, former UK Prime Minister.

Let’s see how I can mess this column up, and I seriously hope it isn’t as bad as my blood pressure has been lately. At least Windham town councilors are finally discussing how to fill an empty town council seat. Yes, I am happy that they are finally doing that, but unfortunately the decision to do it was at a town council workshop where no decisions should be made. And yet they were. I guess we can all argue as to how the councilors can decide how to choose someone to fill an empty seat, but one councilor reminded me that it was done in the past when David Tobin stepped forward and was selected. No smoking guns and no outcry, so hopefully filling the seat will once again happen in a harmonious way.

Make no mistake about it, I could go on and on about the antics I have seen town councilors pull in the past, and some of those antics were reinforced by the town manager and legal firm as well. However, this is a new council, so I will sit back for a day or two and see how well, or not so well, they end up working together. I hope they do work well together. After all, aren’t they in office because we voted for them? I won’t hide the fact as to how many of the councilors have operated in the past. It’s more than obvious when a particular agenda item has been voted on, especially a controversial one, with little or no public discussion. That tells me the discussion has already taken place, and it wasn’t even held in a public place. I might just have attended one or two of those meetings myself.

Since it’s Christmas time again, I will even remind Windham readers that if they want to apply for the vacant Windham town council seat they have until 23 December to do so. I did receive an email on the same subject, because I signed up to receive emails from the town,which I feel is a real good service provided to Windham residents. One just has to go the town website (, click on the Notify icon and choose what you want to receive via whatever method you choose. I’m not totally computer savvy, but I must have done something right because it works for me. I don’t use many of the other things like Facebook, but I hope that others do.

There should also be an advertisement in local papers for the vacant town council seat. Because it is an at-large seat, all Windham residents are eligible for it. If you want chance at, if nothing else get to town hall for an application. The more the merrier I say, even if at this point I haven’t a clue as to how the sitting town councilors will attempt to fill the seat.

Again, since it’s Christmas time, I am also happy that the RSU 14 School Board decided to delay asking Windham residents to approve a $42 million bond for a new middle school. Instead, they will wait to see if some type of state funding can be obtained to help cut the cost to the taxpayers of Windham. At least now we know which school board members like our money more than we do, even though it’s our money in the first place. Kudos to those board members who are looking out for us. It’s something that Windham taxpayers should be looking for in the future. So the question has to be will town councilors continue to look towards spending even higher sums of money in the future?

Lane Hiltunen of Windham believes if someone wants something, then they should pay for it.