Bridgton Election Results


BRIDGTON — Bridgton voters elected two town councilors: George Frederick “Fred” Packard and incumbent Robert Murphy. Brian Thomas ran unopposed and was elected as a regular member of the planning board, and Charles Kenneth Gibbs ran unopposed and was elected as a planning board alternate. Cynthia LeBlanc ran unopposed and won a three-year seat on the SAD 61 school Board, and Jonathan Chappell received the most write-in votes for a one-year term on the school board. Barry Gilman ran unopposed and won a seat on the Water District.

Voters also approved a 180 moratorium on retail marijuana establishments and social clubs in the town.


Fred Packard – 236 votes

Robert Murphy – 233 votes

Bill Vincent – 182 votes

Planning Board (regular member)

Brian Thomas – 330 votes

Planning Board (alternate member)

Charles Kenneth Gibbs – 327 votes

School Board (three-year term) 

Cynthia LeBlanc – 329 votes

School Board (one-year term) 

Jonathan Chappell – 12 votes

Bernard King – 2 votes

Angie Cook – 2 votes

180 Day Retail Marijuana Moratorium 

217 yes – 141 no