Caiazzo's attacks on Sirocki 'baseless'


I am writing in response to an article recently published in this newspaper regarding the upcoming race for the District 28 House seat here in Scarborough.

Despite the baseless attacks from Chris Caiazzo in your article, Rep. Heather Sirocki has worked tirelessly on behalf of the people of Scarborough for the past six years. I doubt you could name a member of the Maine House of Representatives, from either party, who has worked harder for their constituents and with more interest in their welfare than Rep. Sirocki. Following are a few examples:

• As a member of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, Rep. Sirocki has played an integral role in shepherding through the largest income tax cuts in Maine history.

• Rep. Sirocki voted in favor of an additional $15 million in education funding as well as the creation of a Blue Ribbon Task Force to study any and all issues with public education in Maine, specifically the funding formula that determines the amount of state dollars each school district receives from the state.

• She has been a fierce advocate to provide funding for Mainers who are suffering from severe mental and developmental disabilities that have been languishing on waitlists for years, and she recently received the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council’s 2016 Policymaker Award.

To suggest Rep. Sirocki has put partisanship ahead of her constituents is the first disingenuous attack fired from Mr. Caiazzo, but I expect it won’t be the last. Rep. Sirocki has served her Scarborough constituents well in Augusta, and I am looking forward to casting my vote for her once again come this November.

Harold A. Clough