Councilors don't need tax hike, they need rehab


Message to the Westbrook City Council: Hell no to a 6 percent tax increase!

Stop acting like typical liberal Democrats addicted to spending. You don’t need a tax hike, you need rehab.

Good heavens, it’s getting harder and harder to focus on all the wonderful attributes of Westbrook when the City Council is turning our gem of a city into a bad knock-off of Portland.

We Westbrook property owners have to spend within our means, it’s time you learn the same “big boy” lesson.

“Staffing costs … the city’s general assistance budget … health and social services…?”

How about doing the responsible thing: Make the budget work without abusing the good people of Westbrook (some of whom are on fixed incomes).

If the city does not have it in their budget, you pay for it personally if you vote for it. Otherwise, keep your hands out of our pockets until we can replace you with more fiduciary-worthy members.

Geez, no wonder “no one from the council commented or discussed the budget Monday night.” I’d be scared, too.

Louis Philippe


  • PhilYaz

    They tore down Prides Corner school, using a highly suspect estimate for repairs that ran upwards of $800k along with some fraudulent school population figures that showed a decline.

    After their fraud came to light, and of course never investigated, and then after the Prides Corner school had been sold off to developers, the town was left with the reality of needing a new school to the tune of $27M.

    Neither was necessary, but the idiots in Westbrook who voted for the school are also equally deserving of your derision. They were scammed like total rubes.