Customer disservice

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States.
Last Saturday was an interesting day in our household, at least for a while. We received a promotional offer in the mail from a company that provides us with television service on a broad scale. This offer was about receiving both HBO and Cinemax for approximately $16.00 a month for one year. My wife and I talked about having hundreds of channels to watch while most of the time having nothing worth watching. Of course, nothing might change but it was a gamble we were willing to take. But, and a big but it is, we almost gave up having this deal and came close to dropping our television provider as well. We were lucky that perseverance prevailed and we finally obtained what we wanted, we hope.
After what seemed hours of pushing buttons on the telephone, we had yet to connect to a real human on the other end. What’s sad here is that is now true of many corporations we deal with on a frequent basis and my only conclusion here is that they don’t ever want us to connect with them. Now we should all know that by cutting jobs held by people their profit margin rises as well. I still heard the words, “I want to speak to a representative” and then when we thought success was about to happen, you guessed it. We were put on hold to wait for the next available representative. I would have much rather been given the next unavailable one. Today that’s called customer service. After that experience, if you think things got better you are really going in the wrong direction which was exactly what happened during our next attempt on the telephone.
Once again we went through the turmoil of pushing buttons on our telephone and after we finally received a live human being we found out we somehow ordered something we didn’t want. Now remember the deal we wanted so badly so imagine the disappointment when we were told it didn’t exist. Now if one receives a promotional deal in the mail I am sure one who wants it would be as disappointed as we were when we couldn’t get it. Then came the excuse those deals come and go and ours was gone. At that point, we could only come to the conclusion that we received a piece of false advertising and were pondering making a formal legal complaint against the company. My wife was going to go shopping so I researched on the computer where a brick and mortar store might be and thought I had found one she could stop at.
Did she return home with us having HBO and Cinemax on our television? Nope, that certainly didn’t happen. What she had in hand was another toll-free telephone number. I am certain that one could guess what happened next which was no different than the first attempt and that was no human being. After calling a friend long distance, which she does every day, she attempted once more. “I want to talk to a representative,” was what I heard several times or maybe even more. Amazingly a miracle happened and we received the promotion that we had so desired. Now whether or not we are going to be billed correctly might be the next important question.
Personally, I would rather deal face-to-face with a company representative or owner when obtaining a product and the type of business doesn’t matter. Customer service to me is just as and maybe more important that the product that I purchase. It may be the fact that we seem to have many more mega-corporations where customer service is disappearing. I can only fear that problem will become even worse as more and more companies will only be found on the so-called web. At the same time, I thought that monopolies were illegal in the business world but they are certainly on the rebound for sure. Lately, there seem to be more data breaches as well so good luck with your money.