Democrat caucus a successful undertaking


Last Sunday, March 6, Democrats in South Portland gathered to caucus and express their preference in this year’s Democratic presidential contest. More than 900 people filled the High School’s Beal Gymnasium and another 350 submitted absentee ballots. The result was that Democrats in South Portland elected delegates to the Maine State Democratic Convention: 63 for Bernie Sanders and 33 for Hillary Clinton.

We may not yet all agree on which candidate to support but we were able to come together in a spirit of community with common concerns and shared values. We were able to do so with little of the rancor and divisiveness that has become almost routine in politics today.

The South Portland Democratic City Committee would like to express our gratitude to the dozens of volunteers who gave their time to help make the caucus a big success. Special thanks to ASL interpreter Valerie Sears and everyone at South Portland High School for their tremendous hospitality. We’d also like to thank City Clerk Emily Carrington and her marvelous staff for helping to register hundreds of new voters and Democrats before the caucus started.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the South Portland Democrats will be Tuesday, March 29, from 6:30-8 p.m. in the South Portland Community Center Senior Wing. All Democrats are welcome and encouraged to join us as we move forward in this important election year.

Matthew Beck

Convener, South Portland Democratic Caucus