"Double, double toil and trouble."

“In the cauldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog.” Song of Witches from “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare.
I really don’t have any idea if such a concoction could ever cure the numerous problems our government at every level seem to have these days. Some of the ones I mentioned previously include never-ending computer software problems with multiple state agencies, a couple of Town of Windham departments and the constant turmoil since the Trump administration began. One recent headline in the news reported that Maine’s unemployment rate was at a new low but I wonder if that is true since Maine is experiencing problems with new software to file unemployment claims and people have just given up. The unemployment figure is a joke anyways simply because if one doesn’t seek work or receive unemployment payments, they automatically become ghosts and aren’t part of any figure.
In Windham, one might have noticed some businesses have disappeared while others have popped up. I will sincerely miss the North Windham Sears store where I purchased all of my appliances and lawn equipment for many years and I still have much of it in running conditioning and actually running well. Their sales were tremendous and I will never forget because that store also had a customer’s appreciation day where I saved an additional 10 percent even though the item was already on sale. Businesses that do that definitely attract my attention with my gratitude. I did purchase a couple of appliances from another store but I am not as impressed as I was with the Sears outlet. Although price does matter, I value customer service in equal measure if am to make future purchases in the same store.
I haven’t heard much of late on the sewer project for North Windham which makes me wonder why. I have to believe that any sewer system, whether one large one or multiple smaller ones, will still end up costing a lot of money, probably more than one the users could ever pay for. What I don’t want to see is one developer favored by the town receive some financial benefits while others receive none. It appears at the present time that a proposed new type of development known as character-based zoning isn’t happening. Maybe it’s high time a totally new approach be taken for the North Windham business area. One of these days I should probably ride around that area and take a real good look at what’s empty and what’s presently being constructed. I think that it’s unfortunate that the lay of the land in North Windham certainly contains areas that could never be developed. I have to presume that it’s way too late to rebuild it somewhere else in Windham.
Maybe even more importantly it’s time for Windham residents to take a look at development before it’s far too late to do anything about it. Traffic issues have definitely increased since my wife and I moved to Windham in 1999, and we did purchase an existing home. With more and more development, the need for some type of sewerage treatment system will have to happen and I have this sense that if we don’t do it voluntarily, the DEP or EPA will force us to do it anyways. Recently there was a proposal for a development on Depot Street in Windham and it was proposed that it include a connection to the existing sewer pipe. What makes me mad is when that pipe had to be extended to Westbrook without a bond issue, it sounded like everything was good to go to increase the number of connections to it. Now we have found out that there will have to be expensive upgrades to it to allow more connections to happen. I guess we were hoodwinked again. 
To wrap up, CMP wants to connect to Canadian hydropower with a new line in order to connect to New England’s electrical grid. Three companies that produce electricity here in Maine are against it. I wonder why.
Lane Hiltunen of Windham wonders if lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing would lower our electricity bills.