Fall Awards: Gorham

Gorhamite Sam Burghardt earned Conference laurels this autumn.

GORHAM—The last autumn Championships have now been played, and awards season is upon. The Southwestern Maine Athletics Association and the Maine Principals’ Association both bestow accolades.

Boys Cross Country
SMAA Second Team – Wil Rossignol
SMAA Honorable Mention – Anthony Chase
SMAA All-Academic Team – Connor Battaglia, Simeon Willey

Girls Cross Country
SMAA Champions
SMAA First Team – Anna Slager
SMAA Second Team – Iris Kitchen, Kate Tugman
SMAA Honorable Mention – Meadow Fortier
SMAA All-Academic Team – Meadow Fortier, Sarah Johnson, Grace Libby, Hannah Libby, Sierra Lumbert, Anna Slager
SMAA Coach of the Year – Jason Tanguay

Field Hockey
SMAA First Team – Vanessa Berrill
SMAA Second Team – Emily Murray
SMAA Honorable Mention – Grace McGouldrick
SMAA All-Rookie Team – Faith Dillon
SMAA All-Academic Team – Emily Murray, Sarah Shields

Campbell Conference Class B All-Star – Hunter Poitras

SMAA Central Division First Team – Lucas Roop, Ryan Kaczmarek
SMAA Central Division Second Team – Tyler Haines
SMAA All-Academic Team – Lucas Roop, Zachery McGouldrick

Boys Soccer
SMAA First Team – Kyle King (F), Andrew Rent (M), Michael Knight (B)
SMAA Second Team – Sam Burghardt (F), Trevor Gray (G)
SMAA Honorable Mention – Garrett Higgins (B)
SMAA All-Academic Team – Aaron Farr, Garrett Higgins, Kyle King, Ben Nelson, Alex Ousback, John Scribner

Girls Soccer
SMAA First Team – Hallie Shiers (F), Emma Forgues (M)
SMAA Second Team – Courtney Cushing (F), Maddie Hincher (B)
SMAA Honorable Mention – Brooke Greatorex (M)
SMAA All-Academic Team – Courtney Cushing, Lyndsey Estes, Alexis Fotter, Brooke Greatorex, Maddie Hincher, Michelle Rowe

SMAA Second Team – Meg Perry
SMAA Honorable Mention – Isabelle Kolb

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Gorhamite Sam Burghardt earned Conference laurels this autumn.

The Lady Rams’ Faith Dillon, just a sophomore, proved a key contributor this autumn, and earned a spot on the SMAA’s All-Rookie Roster.

The Gorham Golf squad lines up for a team photo prior to competing at States this fall.

Photo courtesy of Scott Nevers.