Fall Previews: Lake Region

Danica Chadwick cuts upfield in a 2016 battle at Freeport. Chadwick returns to the pitch this autumn in a crucial role for the Lady Lakers.

Cross Country
Coaches: Kurt Peterson, Dan Dors
Key runners returning: Ethan Chadwick, Cody Doucette, Devyn Hatch, Jeff McCubrey, Cam Meserve, Tim Moore, Kennedy Brake, Hannah Chadwick, Olivia Toole
Key newcomers: Dawson Smith, Nathan Casali, Justin Lees
Outlook: “Boys team looking to make States this year,” Peterson says simply. 

Field Hockey
Coach: Pauline Webb
Last year’s record: 0-1-13
Key players lost: Liz Cole
Key players returning: Olivia Deschenes (sr., F); Hailey Parsons (sr., M); Kelsey Apovian (sr., D); Paige Davis (jr., F)
Outlook: “We can only improve from last year,” says Webb, “and we definitely have making playoffs as a goal…We had some very close games last year, along with several OT games, so I’m anticipating some great competitive games this year with most of the teams in the conference.” With only one key player lost off last year’s roster, the Lady Lakers well deploy an experienced lineup this autumn. Deschenes is recovering from an ACL injury, and offers her teammates leadership, intensity and impressive stickwork. Parsons, a First-Team All-Conference contributor in 2016, is the squad’s go-to girl on free hits and lays down solid defense, too. The hardworking Apovian is another strong defender who turned a number key saves last season. Finally, Davis, a developing leader, wields a mean, high-speed stick; she logged a great preseason and should post some points for LRHS in the coming months.

Coach: Brian Jahna
Last year’s record: 1-7
Key players lost: Ben Roakes, Todd Crawford
Key players returning: Derek Mondville (sr., QB/LB); Hunter McDaniel (sr., WR/LB); True Meyers (sr., TE/WR/DB); Andrew Douglass (sr., RB/LB); Eric Milton (sr., WR/DB); Thomas Noble (sr., DL); Mark Mayo (jr., OL/DL); Ethan McMurray (so., RB/QB/OL/LB); Brandon Sargent (so., RB/LB)
Key newcomers: Tyler Breton (sr., TE/C/LB)
Key matchups: Freeport, G-NG, Poland, Waterville
Outlook: The Lakers will face both ups and downs this season. First, the bad news: The team’s numbers are low, which is presenting them with some crap-shoot challenges, like staying healthy, and some interesting and revealing challenges, like getting creative with personnel. That latter situation begets the good news: “Our guys are volunteering to play positions that help the team, which has made the process efficient and positive,” Jahna says. “We look technically sound, kids are in the right spots and we are playing with great energy. We have a tremendous senior group coming back, especially at skill positions. We’ve already observed great leadership with the entire upperclass group, and they have a firm grasp of program schematics and expectations…Ultimately our success will be directly related to how our lack of depth affects our games down the stretch.”

Coach: Art Kilborn
Last year’s record: 5-5-2
Key players lost: Tyler Walker, Ryan Walker, Luke Neal
Key players returning: Bob Caron, Cutter Meeker, Ben Johnson
Key newcomers: Ayden Glass
Key matchups: Fryeburg, POland, NYA
Outlook: “Our numbers are good, with 12 players,” says Kilborn optimistically. “We hope to continue improving at the pace we’ve started iout at, and we will make the States again!”

Girls Soccer
Coach: Peter Webb
Last year’s record: 5-9
Key players returning: Lauren Jakobs, Chandler True, Madison Rock, Neva Leavitt, Danica Chadwick
Key newcomers: Bella Russo, Shauna Hancock
Key matchups: G-NG, Freeport, Poland, Fryeburg
Outlook: Webb is happy with his lineup. “The leadership on the team is strong this year and we have more depth than in the past, with a strong incoming freshman class,” he says. “That should help us compete. The team atmosphere is good and we are anticipating playing well to make it deeper into the playoffs this season.” Webb nods at the Patriots, Falcons, Knights and Raiders as outfits his girls will need to beat to pick up critical Heal Points.

Coach: Ryan Shible
Last year’s record: 3-11-0
Key players lost: Catherine Christiansen
Key players returning: Lindsey Keenan (sr., S); Autumn Tremblay (sr., S); Melissa Bonenfant (sr., MH); Cheyenne Bell (jr., L)
Key newcomers: Kaya McClean (jr., MH)
Key matchups: Gardiner, NYA
Outlook: “We have a solid core of players returning this year who have developed some great chemistry, which I believe will help us put together a more consistent offense and defense this season,” Shible says. Keenan and Tremblay control the ball well and work the net with skill, both on offense and defense. “Their leadership and confidence at the front of the net will help our team generate momentum and consistency this season,” Shible says of the two. Bonenfant and McClean should form another dynamic duo – Bonenfant the veteran and McClean the promising newbie. “If we can consistently communicate and generate offense at the net, we should do well,” Shible says. Gardiner opens the Lakers’ schedule, and Shible hopes a triumph over the Tigers will accelerate his girls into a winning stretch. Meanwhile, LRHS has traditionally played NYA tight, and will particularly crave that victory

Boys soccer coach Mike Chaine could not be reached.

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Danica Chadwick cuts upfield in a 2016 battle at Freeport. Chadwick returns to the pitch this autumn in a crucial role for the Lady Lakers.