Fay best choice for District 66


As a former candidate for state office I have the highest level of appreciation for the integrity and grit of Jessica Fay, candidate for the State House for District 66 (Raymond/Casco/Poland). Jess has held herself to the highest standards of ethics. Everyone that knows Jess will tell you she runs a tight ship and demands the same of all involved in her campaign.

It is certainly appropriate to point out differences in positions between candidates, particularly when one is an incumbent politician with a long voting history. Prior to the minimum wage ballot question, Rep. McClellan voted against even a smaller incremental increase to $9.50 (LD 92), that would have become effective in 2018. Rep McClellan also voted against increasing broadband access to rural Maine (LD 826), as well as the two-year highway budget (LD 1080) which would have provided funds to fix our transportation infrastructure, both of these bills were important to the economic health of Maine and our region. We need representatives who are willing to analyze legislation objectively and vote according to the best interests of the district, not ideology.

Jessica has traveled all the roads and walked all the lanes in the district to connect with and listen to as many folks as possible. She is about listening to you personally so she can be the best voice for your interests. Jessica is a strong candidate that has mounted a serious challenge to the status quo in Augusta. I am more convinced than ever that she the best choice to be your state representative for District 66. I urge you to vote for Jessica Fay on Nov. 8.

Jim Stephenson