Files family history explored at recent historical society meeting



Raymond-Casco Historical Society meetings are held on the second Monday in the month, at 7 p.m., at the Casco Public Library.

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An historic family Bible rich in local detail has made its way home to Raymond.

Anthony Appa, an archaeologist from Ipswich, Mass., met with members of the Raymond-Casco Historical Society recently with the Edward Files family Bible in hand.

He had come across it as he was browsing in an old bookshop in Boothbay Harbor. He discovered that it originally belonged to a family living in Raymond. He found the Raymond-Casco Historical Society on the Internet and contacted Laurie Cook, historical society historian. He wanted to return the Bible to its original family, the Files family of North Raymond.

The Bible was published in 1852 by Carlton & Phillips in New York City. It is a family Bible that was well used and records the births, marriages and deaths of the Files family. It is an American edition of the revised version of the English Bible and bound in grained leather.

Abba has completed extensive research since finding this book in 1976. All his research has been well documented and was presented, together with the family Bible, to the Raymond-Casco Historical Society for safekeeping and for future generations to enjoy.

Wearing white gloves, Abba carefully showed special pages of note to historical society members. He then gave members advice about the importance of conservation, preservation and information on archival storage boxes and climate-controlled cabinets. Members were appreciative of his efforts to return the Bible to the family and to Raymond-Casco Historical Society. His advice was especially welcome as members plan their future museum, which will be open to the public and will include a room for genealogical research.

Former Raymond Selectwoman Betty McDermott is a direct descendent of the Files family. She is also the treasurer of the historical society. She was especially delighted to receive the Files family Bible.

Her cousin, Raymond resident Dana Files Rand, was also at the historical society meeting. And John W. Files, a Gorham resident, came along with considerable research he has conducted on the Files family over the years. McDermott and Files had not met before.

William Files, who was a 9-year-old stowaway on a ship out of England in 1737, settled in Gorham after marriage. Branches of the Files family then took a steamer out of Standish, crossed Sebago Lake and landed in Raymond – eventually building the Edward Files family homestead on the North Raymond Road.