Flip-flopping a way of life for politicians


For the umpteenth time Governor LePage made the headlines when he reversed himself and decided to back The Donald to be the Republican nominee for president.

Disclosure: A Bill Buckley conservative, I part ways with the governor on this call because I believe that Trump is unfit for the presidency.

I also believe that LePage has every right to endorse whomever he chooses. His decision is of little or no consequence to anybody but himself – or, as Hillary put it, “What difference does it make?”

Like all other citizens, the governor gets to cast only one vote.

LePage’s sudden “evolution” is strikingly similar to Speaker Eves’ overnight conversion from charter-school opponent to compensated supporter.

Some people wear flip-flops on their feet; flip-flops and backflips are politicians’ favorite head games.

Walter J. Eno