Former police chief backs Caterina


Earlier in our careers, I served as chief of police in Windham while Jean-Marie Caterina served as a juvenile social services worker. Police officers frequently rely on juvenile social service workers to help resolve difficult and serious situations that juveniles fall into. Social service worker need to have compassion, determination, an understanding of complicated situations, the ability to listen well and to work cooperatively with all parties to achieve a responsible and fair outcome. These are skills that are desperately needed in Augusta now.

Jean-Marie Caterina is running for state Senate in District 30, which includes most of Scarborough, Buxton and Gorham. As her career has progressed to public school teacher, small business owner and Scarborough Town councilor, she continues to use those important skills and abilities she relied on during her social service worker days.

Please vote for Jean-Marie Caterina for state Senate.

Greg Hanscom