Former state rep endorses Gass


As a former six-term representative, it is troubling to sit and watch the highly charged partisanship in our State House. Over the past few legislative sessions I have observed legislators more focused on the party line than on public policy. When elected representatives, of the people, opt to cast their votes down party lines, when they consistently follow what their leadership dictates – we
all suffer.

I am a lifelong Democrat (a third-generation Democrat), this election cycle my vote will be cast for Independent candidate Anne Gass. Anne has the credentials to serve, the background in policy to make a difference and the proven ability to bring diverse groups together for the greater public good.

It is time we return this kind of representation to Augusta. It is time for independent, thoughtful, non-partisan approaches to solve Maine’s problems. I believe Anne will provide us representation of our needs, not that of the corner leadership of political parties.

Join me in November for positive change, elect Anne Gass to HD 67.

Donnell Carroll