Friends worry Crowley's 'Survivor' days dwindling


America considers Bob Crowley one of the “good guys” on “Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden,” but that might also spell the South Portland resident’s doom.

As the TV reality show moves into its ninth episode, fans writing on an Internet forum this week pegged Crowley, 57, a physics teacher at Gorham High School, as one of the good guys. But cast members appear to only be a few episodes away from voting the oldest competitor in the game out of Africa.

“I think it will be Susie, then Crystal and probably Bob,” one competitor was overheard saying during last week’s episode. “I feel sorry for Bob, but that’s how I think things will happen.”

Crowley has been a huge help for his team by catching fish, building furniture and starting fires, but he hasn’t built alliances nor has he played the political game that is so important to surviving the show.

Last week, the teams switched once again and Crowley is now the only original Kota member in his new tribe.

“Unfortunately, as I have said all along, Bob should have made alliances a long time ago,” said Gorham High School colleague Sally Hatch. “Now he is going to see the ramifications of staying under the radar for so long.”

Crowley is one of eight competitors left in the season, which started with 18. Going forward, the two teams will eventually dwindle into one team, where the alliances will become paramount in surviving through the end to win the $1 million prize.

“I am a bit worried for Bob’s survival in the next couple of shows,” said Gorham High colleague Jason Tanguay.

During last week’s episode, Crowley earned a lot of respect from his new team during the immunity challenge when he mentally shut out the other team’s taunts and almost pulled out the win at the end with brute strength.

But it might not be enough when episode 9 airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on Channel 13, the local CBS affiliate.

“This could be the end for Bob,” Hatch said. “From here on out, the people who will survive are those who play the game best by doing what they have to do to get people to believe they are on their side.”

Bob Crowley, a Gorham High School physics teacher and South Portland resident, traverses a river in Gabon, Africa, during the premiere episode of Surviv: Gabon, Earth’s Last Eden, on Thursday night. The show airs on CBS.