Girls Basketball: Patriots douse Phoenix, move on to semis

Alexa Thayer fends off a Spruce opponent.

PORTLAND—Bri Jordan led the Lady Patriots past the Lady Phoenix in Tuesday, Feb. 20’s tournament quarterfinals, held at the Portland Expo. Jordan tallied 22 en route to a routine – if any playoff game can be described as “routine” – victory, 49-34.

Patriot Eliza Hotham opened the scoring, dropping in a two; Spruce’s Haley Turcotte, though, immediately answered with a three. Turcotte, in fact, finished with the game-high, 24; her teammates simply couldn’t provide enough additional firepower to keep the Phoenix alive.

Hotham followed Turcotte with another two; after that, the Patriots gradually built a lead – one they maintained through to the end of the game. Specifically, G-NG dashed ahead to 10-3 on an Alexa Thayer free, a Jordan Grant two and a Jordan three; they closed the first up 12-8.

“Early on, we jumped out to a pretty good lead,” Andreasen said, “and Haley Turcotte, for them, she knocked down some shots. We were keying on here, and she hit six threes against us – so I guess we didn’t key on her too well.”

Turcotte kicked off the second with a three, slashing Spruce’s deficit to one at 12-11, but Jordan promptly knocked down a three of her own to keep up the Patriots’ pace. Jordan continued to rack up baskets as the quarter unfolded, hitting a two and another three; Grant hashed a two as well, and Thayer a free. Turcotte ended the half with a buzzer-beater three, but G-NG carried a 23-18 advantage into the locker room nevertheless.

“[Turcotte hit a three] right before halftime to make it a five-point game; we thought it was pretty good up until that,” Andreasen said.

The Patriots also outpaced the Phoenix across the third and fourth, 13-6 in the former and 13-10 in the latter, leading to the lopsided outcome. Jordan notched five in the third and six in the fourth, and Grant four per quarter. Meanwhile, Hotham spoke up once more, and Mikaela Ryan spoke up for the first time.

Turcotte, of course, added the majority of Spruce’s remaining offense, with four in the third and eight in the fourth.

“The second half, we came out, and the first three possessions, we scored,” Andreasen said. “To get the [lead] up to nine, 10, 11. From there, it seemed like we’d make a basket or two, and [Turcotte] would hit a three. We were in control – but not anything too great.”

“We just kind of stretched it out in the second half; played better in the second half,” Andreasen said. “Bri looked good. She took 15 shots, hit four threes and four twos.”

As highlighted, Jordan finished with 22. She wasn’t the only Patriot to reach double-digits, though: Grant, the team’s other chief offensive weapon, logged 14. Hotham, meanwhile, added six, Alexa Thayer five and Ryan two.

The win bumped first-ranked G-NG to 15-4 on the season; they moved on to face friendly rivals Lake Region in the semifinals two days later. The Lakers annihilated Oak Hill in Tuesday’s first game.

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Alexa Thayer fends off a Spruce opponent.

Eliza Hotham lines up against a Phoenix during a free-throw attempt.

Jordan Grant, inside for the Patriots, powers a ball toward the rim.

Bri Jordan knocked down 22 for the Patriots in their win over Spruce Mountain.

Patriot Mikaela Ryan battles with a Phoenix.

G-NG’s Madysen West volleys a jumpshot toward the basket.