GOP support asked for Ande Smith

Man writing on the paper in the office

With the current state of our nation below the expected standard, and a government that cannot seem to get anything done in a hectic world, it is time for a leadership change in our nation’s capitol. Today, Mainers and Americans alike live in an ever changing world. Jobs that were reliable for decades have all of a sudden disappeared, old foreign enemies thought to be long extinct have begun to storm back onto the world stage, and thousands struggle to pay bills and afford basic amenities thanks to job loss. These are all issues we will have to deal with now or our children and grandchildren will be left to inherit a world that is destined for failure. Though this reality may seem daunting, there is a very simple, yet tried and true method to preventing it; voting.

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to meet Ande Smith. Ande is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Maine’s 1st Congressional District. A 29-year Navy veteran (seven of those years on a submarine), a cyber security business owner and a father of five, Ande is both well prepared and well versed to be our congressman. Authentic and well educated (RPI, University of Connecticut and UMaine Law), Ande has an energy that is both encouraging and inspiring. With his enthusiasm for job creation in Maine, and his tenacious support for Maine values and interests, Ande Smith will be the representative we need for a safer world, more secure job market and successful future.

It is now, at this pivotal point in our history, that we must take more responsibility and action in our political process. No longer can we sit idle and complain when things don’t turn out how we would like. A start to this involvement would be to attend your local Republican primary this June 14 and cast a vote for Ande Smith. If we want our district represented by a congressman that will take positive and effective action on our behalf, we need to make sure Ande makes it to Washington, D.C.


Dominic DeLuca