Gorham Police Notes


Dog pause

A driver parked with lights off at the former Niceley’s on Ossipee Trail at 7:20 p.m. on Nov.15  told police he was there so his dogs could watch traffic. He also said he planned to go to the area of Hannaford in Standish so his dogs could see more cars.

Pizza driver alarmed

Delivering pizza on Deering Road, a driver on Nov. 16 found an open front door and called police. The homeowners were out feeding cows.

No crime, no boot

Police warned subjects for disorderly conduct on Nov. 11 on Parker Hill Road. A woman wanted the guy removed, but police said he lives there and no crime had been committed.

Students parking

Occupants of a car parked at 11:13 p.m. on Nov.19 at Fort Hill Park told police they were on a date. They moved along and returned to USM.

Parking ban 101

Several USM students were advised to move vehicles from a town street because of a parking ban during a snow emergency on Nov. 26.

Cops don’t deliver

A mother wouldn’t allow her son to go for fast food. Upset, he called police on Nov. 26. He was told it wasn’t a police issue.


Merritt G. Warren III, 58, Elm Street, Gorham, on Oct. 20 on charges of unlawful possession of a scheduled drug and disorderly conduct, on Quimby Street.

Seth E. Weed, 39, Tucker Drive, Gorham, on Oct. 21 on a charge of domestic violence assault, in Gorham.

Thomas N. McLeod Jr., 36, Weeks Road, Gorham, on Oct. 26 on a charge of violating condition of release, on Weeks Road

Patrick A.Littlefield, 26, Portland Road, Gray, on Oct. 28 on charges of violating condition of release and operating under the influence (alcohol), on Main Street.

Cameron A. French, 28, Copperhead Road, Gorham, on Oct. 29 on charges of domestic violence criminal threat, domestic violence assault, and obstructing report of crime, in Gorham.

Zhawna B. Sylvester, 22, Grant Street, Portland, on Oct. 31 on a charge of operating under the influence (alcohol), on County Road.

Matthew I. Perkins, 37, Gray Road, Windham, on Nov. 5 on a charge of operating under the influence (alcohol), in Gorham.