Gorham school budget OK'd, modulars pass


Gorham election officials pictured in Ward 2 about 7:30 p.m. are, from left, Martha Towle, Sue Parsons and Jean Robinson.

GORHAM — Voters Tuesday by a wide margin ratified the $41 million school budget 865-435. The budget carried in all wards except central where it tied 49-49.

Voters also, 791-498, approved borrowing up to $2.8 million to expand Narragansett Elementary School with with modular buildings. The measure passed in the three wards and central.

The money will be invested in infrastructure work and to procure modulars to house six classrooms, a common area, bathrooms and a cafeteria. The School Department is gearing up to handle enrollment increases at the elementary level.

“I am pleased with the results of the vote in that we will now have a path forward in addressing the needs of our growing K-5 student populations in Gorham,” Superintendent Heather Parry said Wednesday in an email.  “Now that the voters have approved, the heavy lifting may begin.”

Perry said preliminary work in planning, permitting and other background work has already begun. 

“We anticipate being able to begin ground work on site in July or early August,” she said.

The school budget validation process will continue for another three years in Gorham as voters favored keeping it with a convincing 965-320 vote, sweeping all wards and central.

Town Clerk Laurie Nordfors reported Wednesday that 1,303 voters cast ballots, representing a 9% turnout of 14,002 registered voters.

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