Gorham’s Boyle makes bid for governor

Jim Boyle

Jim Boyle

GORHAM — Jim Boyle, a small business owner and former state senator has announced his candidacy for Maine governor in 2018.

Boyle, 58, a Democrat, lives in Gorham and has run a business in Westbrook for 21 years.

“Maine was once a place where you could work hard and build a good life for your family,” Boyle said in a statement about his run for the 2018 election. “It didn’t matter if you lived in Fort Kent, Portland or Millinocket.”

But, Boyle said, those opportunities no longer exist for too many people.

“I can’t sit on my hands and watch Maine become a place where hard-working people get left behind,” he said.

He joins a growing list of Democrats who have announced their intentions to run in recent weeks. Others Democrats are Adam Cote, Janet Mills, Mark Eves, Betsy Sweet and Mark Eisenhart and Republican Mary Mayhew.

In 1996, Boyle founded Boyle Associates, an environmental consulting company that works with Maine companies to create jobs and protect the environment. Prior to starting his small business, Boyle worked as a forester for Great Northern Paper in Millinocket and for St. Regis Paper in Lincoln before joining the environmental division at Central Maine Power.

“My career has been about two things: creating jobs and protecting the environment. We need to build a future that focuses on those values, and we need to have an honest conversation with Maine people about how to make our political and economic system work for everyone, not just the rich.”

Boyle in 2012 was elected to the state Senate, representing Gorham, Scarborough and Westbrook. But he lost his Senate District 30 seat to Amy Volk in the November 2014 election.

“Augusta is not working for regular people. The shutdown made that very clear,” Boyle said. “Many Legislators go to Augusta for the right reasons, but the system is so stacked against positive change that nothing gets done and nothing gets better. I served in the state Senate for two years, and I can tell you – Augusta is as messed up as you think it is.”

Boyle said he is running as a traditionally financed candidate.

He lives in Gorham with his fiancée, Sue Durst. He has two grown children, Jared and Lindsay.

He has set up a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account: www.boyleforgovernor.com; Facebook: boyle4governor Twitter @boyle4governor.

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