Gray Elections Results


GRAY – Gray voters elected three town councilors today: Sandy Carder, Dan Maguire and Bruce Foshay. Anne Rowe and Richard Barter ran unnapposed for two seats on the SAD 15 school board and were elected. Steven Dunn ran unapposed and was elected to the Gray Water District.

Town Council 

Two three-year terms (top two elected) 

Sandy Carder – 493 votes

Dan Maguire – 384 votes

Emanuel “Manny” Archibald – 269 votes

One partial term 

Bruce Foshay – 580 votes

School Board 

Anne Rowe – 521 votes

Richard Barter – 446 votes

Water District 

Steven Dunn – 637 votes

Gray voters cast their ballots at the Newbegin Community Center.