Greetings from Zip Code 04074 (Life in the Suburbs): Loaded with magazines


I showed up for a Planning Board hearing for a client. We were fifth on the agenda. That can mean a looooooong wait. My late mother always told me, “Always bring a book with you. In case you get into a traffic jam, you will have something to do.”

Thanks, Ma.

I bring magazines with me: I subscribe to a bunch. I never keep up with them; they go into a pile by the coffee table.

I caught up with them over 90 minutes at this meeting.

Some cool items in there:


The New York Times interviewed seven high school seniors who are slated to be their school’s valedictorians this June. One is going to Harvard, but plays piano and soccer and Ultimate Frisbee and all he wants to talk about is Frisbee.

Another one is a guy with a l6-year-old sister “my best friend. I love her.” He’d never make it in my house!).

Another one is going to Yale, and lives in Queens, but his parents will not let him travel into Manhattan. They are “very protective of me.” Understated.


The artist who drew the cartoon of Mohammed that enraged Muslims and caused mass killings at a satirical newspaper in France has a theory about public debate. “People don’t want solutions. They want simple solutions. They don’t want answers. They want simple answers.” Wow.


A rock group called the Dandy Warhols loves the Beatles, especially their song “Blackbird.” They were shy about recording it on their own album. They said, for some reason, “When Michael Jackson dies, we’ll cover it.” He died. They did. Fascinating.


Remember the former governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, who skipped off to Argentina with another woman? His wife, a high-IQ person named Jenny, took the CPA exam over eight hours, and just brought with her a six-pack of TAB, my drink of choice from the l970s. God, I love that story.


Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan says former legendary l930s-60s journalist Clare Booth Luce told JFK to get focused as president. “A great man is one sentence.” What is yours, she asked him. E.g.: “Lincoln freed the slaves.” Good advice.


Esquire magazine columnist Dan Ackman covered the 86th Annual Marbles Tournament. Fewest entrants since the l920s. One participant theorized: “Nobody wants to play for keeps anymore.” He says they want to play, but then go home with their goodies. Reflection on lack of quality play, he said.


About 15 percent of Maine kids K-12 are definitionally obese. Sensitive topic. It always shocks me at how upset people get when First Lady Michelle Obama urges kids to “get moving,” get up off the couch, etc. Close to home for critics?


A mention on Fox News recently about the 2008 campaign controversy in which President Obama and his wife fist-bumped a hello one day. A critic called it a “terrorist gesture,” saying at least one bad guy somewhere liked that hand action. OK…


Brian Wilson, formerly the brains of the Beach Boys, has a new album out. He sings with some current rockers you might not know. One of his new songs is titled “Guess You Had to Be There.” I know I know, I shouldn’t be as pumped up as I am to hear it!

Dan Warren is a trial lawyer in Scarborough. He can be reached by private Facebook message at Jones & Warren Attorneys at Law page, or by email at