Greetings from Zip Code 04074: Thoughts while snowed in


Stuck indoors during snowstorms. Read the papers. Headlines to chew on:

• “City Halted Portland Apartment Fire Inspections a Year Ago;” people hate government regulation, until it’s not done; and – had it been done – some lives might have been saved;

• “NBC Suspends Anchor Brian Williams for Iraq Fabricated Story;” nice guy, but got what he deserved; but it took several days?

• “Do I Look Like Brian Williams?” Editorial page cartoon showed former Vice President Richard Cheney standing in front of a classroom blackboard with graffiti scrawled by him saying. “APOLOGIZE FOR LYING ABOUT IRAQ!” The Williams-fueled cartoon has a thought bubble from Cheney asking: “Do I look like Brian Williams now?” Yup. Key part of the clown posse that got us into Iraq;

• “End the Maine Income Tax; Increase Other Levies… Governor Says;” Gov. Paul LePage proposed in his State of the State address to increase the sales tax. He wants to soak out-of-state tourists. Who can argue with that?! But fact is he proposed a tax hike. Wow;

• “Jon Stewart To Retire from ‘The Daily Show’;” Bummer, dude; Do just us liberals like him? I hope not. I hope conservatives realize Stewart is really funny – and that (like me!) Stewart skewers Democrats and Republicans alike;

• “UNC Basketball Giant Dean Smith Dies at 83; Champion of Equality;” Basketball coach Smith was a class act. Hoop genius, but also a courageous guy who would eat lunch with black students in public at Chapel Hill before it was OK to do so;

• “Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama Releases Report on History of Lynchings in U.S.;” a legal advocacy organization has documented 4,000 deaths by hanging of African Americans in the U.S. during our history; that fact either means something to you, or it doesn’t. These events were as recent as 75 years ago…;

• “Florida Attorney Advises – ‘Go Silent at OUI Checkpoints;” Miami lawyer Warren Redlich (no relation!) says, when people run into a drunk-driving police “checkpoint” at night, stop, hold your license up against the glass so the officer can I.D. you and your vehicle, but do not feel the need to answer questions, etc. He also offers clients a pre-printed sign they can hold up in the window also. It is titled: “I REMAIN SILENT; NO SEARCHES; I WANT MY LAWYER.” Courageous;

• “Congressman Was Disillusioned as Iraq Soldier, But Prodded to Serve in Congress;” Massachusetts U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton is a patriotic guy. Harvard grad. Enlisted in military. Was not happy in Iraq. Decided to run for Congress. He will find Congress as frustrating!

• “Rep. Poliquin Takes Heat for Voting to Keep Obamacare;” this one fascinated me; I have no emotional need to defend Obamacare here. I am just always impressed any time somebody takes a vote that is clearly going to get them politically hammered;

• “Warren Wins Support in a Race She Isn’t Running;” Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (no relation!) understands economics, and how the Wall Street system does not favor the little guy. Some Republicans will be disappointed when they get to know her (a NON-Presidential candidate) and actually like some of her schtick;

• “Scientist Who Discovered Universe To Be ‘Out of Balance’, is Dead at 91;” Val Fitch done in by the Laws of Nature just like the rest of us.

That’s it. Got to go shovel.

Dan Warren is a Scarborough trial lawyer who can be reached by private Facebook message at the Jones & Warren Attorneys at Law page, or by e mail at