Highway to hell


“No stop signs, speed limit. Nobody’s gonna slow me down. Like a wheel, gonna spin it. Nobody’s gonna mess me around.”

AC/DC, “Highway to Hell”

I have recently decided to slow my life down and make some preparations for the future. This will include either stop writing altogether at some point in the future or just not doing a column every week. There is a slight possibility that my wife and I might be moving out of Maine and the hardest part about it is we will have no control if that does happen. What might be even harder is trying to stay alive before that decision has to be made.

Recently I was heading towards South Windham on Route 202 when I noticed a car coming up behind me at a high rate of speed. The only problem with that scenario was that this dark-colored vehicle was not in the right lane but rather passing cars illegally in a no-passing zone. He pulled in behind me and you guessed it, he passed me in a no-passing zone as well. As vehicles were coming in the opposite direction I slowed down to pull to the right so that prevented me from getting the license number of the vehicle that idiot was driving. If that wasn’t bad enough, the very same thing happened to my wife a couple of days later and the way she described it I am positive it was the same brain-dead driver and vehicle.

I have noticed that the Windham Police Department is doing a good job stopping more and more speeders in Windham and that’s a good thing. A couple of people suggested to me that there might have been a grant given to allow for more law enforcement. I sincerely hope that it continues in the future because this town really needs to do it, especially since we have so many cars passing through because they don’t live in Windham. This, coupled with the fact that sections of River Road, Route 202 and Route 302 have been rebuilt, allows for drivers to feel comfortable going even faster. So I thank the Windham police officers for doing what they can to reduce the amount of speeders and if money has to come from some other place in either the school or municipal budgets, so be it.

It isn’t hard for me to conclude that more and more people have become color blind and I will give two reasons why I believe that. Several days ago I was waiting on Route 202 at the intersection of River Road in South Windham and sometimes that traffic light seemingly takes forever to change. Some drivers just end up driving through a red light, but I won’t because that’s an accident that is going to happen. When the traffic light turned green, I counted three cars coming up River Road that ran a red light. Pass experience has taught me to wait a couple of seconds before proceeding ahead because the same thing has happened to me on several occasions.

Then last Sunday I traveled up the River Road and had to stop at the intersection of Route 302 where River Road ends because the traffic light was red. You don’t have to guess what happened because at least four cars on Route 302 went right through a red light. At least three actually increased speed as if they believed that was legal. In Europe and even some places in the United States there are cameras to take pictures of the license plates of those who are breaking the law. I find it amazing that some consider that an intrusion on their privacy although they are breaking the law by running a red light. Then again, I can see why that happens because many seem to have no perception as to why some want to deport illegal aliens.

Maybe the State of Maine legislators, since they greatly reduced the amount of drugs like oxycodone that doctors can prescribe, can do something about bad drivers as well.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham wonders how many more of those suffering from pain will immediately switch to illegal drugs.