I had a dream


I was talking in my sleep moaning, “Don’t mourn, don’t mourn, don’t mourn.” In my dream I visualized President Trump orating on a pedestal. Beside him on a big screen was Kellyanne Conway interpreting her boss with his “alternative facts.” Emerging from a curtain on the right was the Wizard of Oz walking in front of me. Behind him came Hans Christian Anderson yelling out, “The emperor has no clothes!” Then came Sinclair Lewis with his book in his hand with the title, “It Can’t Happen Here.” Suddenly, a man with a warm smile emerged. It was Joe Hill, Yes, I dreamed I saw Joe Hill alive as you and me. I know you’re dead Joe Hill. I didn’t die said he. He then calmed my nerves and answered me this way “Don’t mourn, organize!”

Peter Bollen