Lake Region fall preview

Laker Hailey Parsons will play a critical role on the field hockey pitch this fall.

Cross Country
Sept. 2 @ Cape Elizabeth (G-NG, Yarmouth, MCWS)         4:30 p.m.
Sept. 9 @ Traip (Kennebunk, NYA, Greely; at Fort Foster)  4:30 p.m.
Sept. 16           @ Freeport (Wells, Falmouth; at Hunter Road Fields)          4 p.m.
Sept. 23           @ Yarmouth (Sacopee Valley, NYA, Falmouth)       4:30 p.m.
Sept. 30           Kennebunk, Falmouth, OOB, Sacopee Valley, Poland          4 p.m.
Oct. 1  Belfast Invitational/Festival of Champions    11 a.m.
Oct. 7  @ Poland (Fryeburg, Sacopee Valley)           4 p.m.
Oct. 14            WMCs (at St. Joe’s)    3 p.m.
Oct. 22            Regionals (at Twin Brook)      11 a.m.
Oct. 29            States (at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast)    11 a.m.

Cross country coach Kurt Peterson couldn’t be reached.

Field Hockey
Sept. 6 @ Greely         4 p.m.
Sept. 8 Yarmouth        4 p.m.
Sept. 12           Fryeburg          4 p.m.
Sept. 14           @ Freeport      4 p.m.
Sept. 16           Falmouth         4 p.m.
Sept. 20           Greely 4 p.m.
Sept. 22           @ Cape Elizabeth       6 p.m.
Sept. 23           @ G-NG         3:30 p.m.
Sept. 26           Sacopee Valley           4 p.m.
Sept. 28           @ York           4 p.m.
Oct. 4  Poland 4 p.m.
Oct. 6  York    4 p.m.
Oct. 8  @ Kennebunk 10 a.m.
Oct. 11            @ Poland        4 p.m.

Coach: Pauline Webb
Last year’s record: 9-6, fell 8-0 to Kennebunk in playoff quarters
Key players: Paige Davis (F), Liz Cole (F), Kelsey Apovian (D), Hailey Parsons (D)
Outlook: “We are very young with only one senior,” says Webb, “so taking care of business one game at a time is our goal, along with improving in each game and building confidence in the younger players.”

Sept. 2 Yarmouth        7 p.m.
Sept. 9 @ Spruce Mtn.            7 p.m.
Sept. 16           Mtn. Valley     7 p.m.
Sept. 23           @ Poland        7 p.m.
Sept. 30           G-NG  7 p.m.
Oct. 7  Wells   7 p.m.
Oct. 15            @ Freeport      1:30 p.m.
Oct. 22            @ Fryeburg     1:30 p.m. 

Coach: Brian Jahna
Last year’s record: 1-7
Key players: Derek Mondville (jr., QB); Ben Roakes (sr., OL/DL); Todd Crawford (sr., OL/DL); Andrew Douglass (jr., RB/LB); True Meyers (jr., TE/LB); Dakota Stover (sr., RB/WR/DB)
Key games: Yarmouth, Fryeburg, G-NG
Outlook: Jahna is looking forward to developing his relatively green squad. “This year’s team is very young, but has tremendous senior leadership,” he says. “It’s a hardworking group and the success of the team will be determined by the learning curve of the underclassmen and their ability to stay healthy. This team will definitely get better each week.”

Golf (Lake Region’s home course is Bridgton Highlands)
Aug. 30           NYA   3:30 p.m.
Sept. 7 Fryeburg, Yarmouth   3:30 p.m.
Sept. 8 @ St. Dom (at Fox Ridge)     3:30 p.m.
Sept. 13           @ Wells (at Cape Neddick Country Cloub)   3:30 p.m.
Sept. 15           @ OOB (at Dunegrass)          3:30 p.m.
Sept. 20           @ York (Sacopee Valley; at York Country Club)      3:30 p.m.
Sept. 22           Cape Elizabeth, Poland           3:30 p.m.
Sept. 26           WMC Girls Qualifier (at Willowdale)            3:30 p.m.
Sept. 28           @ G-NG (Freeport; at Spring Meadows)       3:30 p.m.
Oct. 8  Team States (at Natanis/Tomahawk)  10 a.m.
Oct. 15            Individual States (at Natanis/Tomahawk)      10 a.m. 

Coach: Art Kilborn
Last year’s record: 9-2
Key players: Tyler Walker (sr.), Ryan Walker (so.)
Key matchups: Cape Elizabeth, York, Fryeburg
Outlook: The Lakers put together an impressive 2015, and could be back near the top this year, too. The elder Walker is “a league top-ten players for the last two seasons,” as Kilborn says, and “a consistent scorer and team leader.” The younger Walker, on the other hand, is “competitive, and gives his brother a good match.” Hopefully the boys’ good-natured sibling rivalry, as well as competition among several other skilled members of the team, will contribute to propelling Lake Region forward. “If we can put it together,” says Kilborn, “it could mean another trip to the States.”

Girls Soccer
Sept. 2 @ Sacopee Valley       6 p.m.
Sept. 6 @ OOB           4 p.m.
Sept. 8 Cape Elizabeth            6 p.m.
Sept. 10           @ Fryeburg     10:30 a.m.
Sept. 13           Yarmouth        6 p.m.
Sept. 15           Fryeburg          6 p.m.
Sept. 22           @ Poland        6 p.m.
Sept. 24           @ Greely         11 a.m.
Sept. 27           Freeport           6:30 p.m.
Oct. 4  Wells   6 p.m.
Oct. 7  @ G-NG         6 p.m.
Oct. 11            Poland 6 p.m.
Oct. 13            @ Freeport      3:30 p.m.
Oct. 15            Waynflete       3:30 p.m. 

Coach: Peter Webb
Last year’s record: 8-8
Key players: Kristen Huntress: Melody Millett, Lauren Jakobs, Neva Leavitt, Danica Chadwick
Key games: Yarmouth, Freeport, G-NG, Waynflete
Outlook: Webb and Co. have strong aspirations. “We’re looking to make it into the second round of the playoffs at least,” he says. “We have a good chance of achieving this if we can stay healthy.”

Sept. 6 NYA   6 p.m.
Sept. 8 @ York           6 p.m.
Sept. 13           @ Marshwood            6 p.m.
Sept. 15           Deering           6 p.m.
Sept. 20           @ Bonny Eagle           6 p.m.
Sept. 22           Massabesic      6 p.m.
Sept. 27           @ Wells          6 p.m.
Sept. 28           Cheverus         6 p.m.
Oct. 1  @ Sumner (at Yarmouth)       1 p.m.
Oct. 1  @ Bucksport (at Yarmouth)   3:30 p.m.
Oct. 6  Portland          6 p.m.
Oct. 8  @ George Stevens (at Machias)         11:30 a.m.
Oct. 8  @ Washington (at Machias)   2:30 p.m.
Oct. 25            @ Gardiner     6 p.m. 

Coach: Ryan Shible
Last year’s record: 3-11
Key players: Lindsey Keenan (S), Catherine Christiansen (S), Melissa Bonenfant (MH)
Key matchups: NYA, Marshwood, Deering
Outlook: The Lakers struggled a bit in 2015, but look to put up a tougher fight against a wider range of opponents this season. Another year’s experience should help: “We have a strong core of returning players, including one setter, Catherine Christiansen, who was very consistent for our team,” says Shible. “Our team will also have some decent offensive and defensive power at the net, with veteran players Melissa Bonenfant, Lindsey Keenan and Autumn Tremblay. With their experience and desire to continually improve, we should have a competitive team this year.”

Laker Hailey Parsons will play a critical role on the field hockey pitch this fall.

Elizabeth Cole helped propel the Lady Lakers to a very solid season in 2015, and can be expected to do the same this autumn.