Lakes Region Voices


What do you think was the greatest era in the history of music?

Cheryl Field, 42, Bridgton, homemaker

“The 60s. Old country like George Jones. It’s what I grew up with. I liked the lyrics. They had good morals back then.”

Ethan Myer, 23, Bridgton, Walmart Employee

“The 50s and 60s. I really like the classics. Everything else is a copy.”

Myrtie D’Ascanio, 77, South Casco, retired

“The 50s because the music has some meaning. You can’t understand what they’re saying nowadays. They need to work on their pronunciation. I’ve seen a lot of people turning back to the music of the 50s and really enjoying it.”

Frank Bray, “old enough to remember Elvis”, Casco, retired

“The time of Elvis. His music still lives on today, the TV still shows his movies and so forth. That’s why he’s the king, and that’s why his music will live on forever.”

Sarah Wilson, 23, Naples, student

“The time of Beethoven. With the classical period being so structured, he was one of the first real rule breakers in the history of music.”

Tina Stanley, 41, Raymond, head of housekeeping

“The 60s. Chuck Berry and the good old guys. The Beach Boys too. It was all good back then.”