Land not ‘vacant’


I am writing in response to your article (Sept 9) on the re-zoning plan on Route 26 in Gray from Libby Hill to the North Raymond Road. Among other things what particularly disturbed me was Town Councilor Matt Sturgis’s comment that the changes in development would be “a lot more impactful on large, vacant parcels beyond the neighborhoods.” Mr. Sturgis and the town council may look at these parcels as vacant property open for development. They most definitely are not.

I own and operate Thread of The Mill Farm on one of those parcels, a small business where I board horses and raise beef as well as garden, much of what feeds my family through the year. The other parcel is made up of hay fields from which hay is harvested by D’Ameri Acres, another small business in Gray that raises natural grass-fed beef which is sold at their farm market on Route 26. Maybe Sturgis and the Gray Town Council should familiarize themselves with these two “vacant properties” before proposing development affecting two working farms that help to sustain two families and bring business into the town of Gray.

Gail K. MacLean
Thread of The Mill Farm