Legislators walked away from duties


On April 18 and again on May 2, the Maine Legislature voted against extending the legislative session, showing just how dysfunctional our government has become. The refusal by many members of the Maine House of Representatives to finish their work does not punish Democrats, it punishes the people of Maine.

Walking away from their legislative duties leaves: the citizen-voted, legally required expansion of Medicaid undone; school districts around the state facing uncertain funding; home care workers’ wages rolled back; unaddressed whether road construction and university system bonds will appear on the ballot this year.  Those are just a few of the dozen of items left unfinished.

Mainers should take a long look at what is happening in Augusta and conclude that we deserve better; it is time for a different approach in Augusta.  In November, Mainers should choose candidates who will collaborate with others to overcome differences and take positive steps forward rather than those like Reps. Austin (R-Gray), Cebra (R-Naples), Corey (R-Windham), Espling (R-New Gloucester), Ginzler (R-Bridgton), and Ordway (R-Standish), who decided to pack up and go home while business is unfinished.

Tim Goodwin
Running for House District 23 seat