LePage to appear at 'Agenda 21' talk in Naples


NAPLES – Gov. Paul LePage is expected to attend at discussion by Dr. Michael Coffman on Saturday, April 20, at Lake Region High School in Naples.

Coffman will discuss Agenda 21, open space and sustainable development. A bill on Agenda 21 has been introduced in the Legislature. LePage is expected to open with a few remarks, and then be available for a question-and-answer period afterwards.

Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan involving sustainable development put forth by the United Nations. Opponents of Agenda 21 believe it is detrimental to American sovereignty and private property rights.

Coffman has a master’s degree in biology from Northern Arizona University and a doctorate in forest science from the University of Idaho. He has been involved in ecosystem research for more than 20 years; assisted the U.S. Forest Service in developing an ecological land classification system for each of the National Forests in Region 9; and taught and conducted research on forest ecology and forest community dynamics for 10 years at Michigan Technological University.

His latest book is “Plundered: How Progressive Ideology is Destroying America.”