Letter: Boo to John Balentine


John Balentine’s editorial BRAVO praising Trump for swamp draining is a disgrace to your editorial page. He claims Trump is uplifting, that he more than anyone deserves to be person of the year and Time Magazine was somehow duplicitous for wanting interviews and photos before selecting its Person of the Year. He, Balentine, takes Trump at his word in how he characterizes Time. He takes pleasure in what he calls Trump exposing the media. And he likes Trump the more he sees of him; for not being “defined or limited by what he’s said in the past.” Trump’s “doctrine” changes so often, Balentine sees this as “situational pliability.” To Balentine this is “so far, so good.” That pretty much highlights his BRAVOs to the worthy.

Balentine’s Editorial BOOS go to all the men accused of and admitting to sexual harassment. He points to “journalists especially,” sad that Charlie Rose was one of them. These are “toads” being drained from the swamp. He admires the women for coming forward, yet not one mention of Roy Moore or Donald Trump as “toads.”

Maybe someday John Balentine will tell us how greed, incompetence and complete lack of care for average people that characterizes Trump’s big beautiful best-ever swamp draining non-government of not quite one year is deserving of praise.

The Lakes Region Weekly editorial page  has become embarrassing.

Ray Monahan