Letter: Don't be fooled again by Qeustion 2


Again some “out-of- staters” are messing with Maine’s economy – and our minds – by pushing another Medicaid expansion referendum question, or Question 2 on the ballot.

Medicaid – called MaineCare – is for our very poor seniors, pregnant women, poor parents, children and the disabled. This out-of-state group wishes to expand the program to cover able-bodied adults with no children. This is a flat-out welfare expansion that the people of Maine do not want.

Maine voters supported Medicaid expansion in 2000, but by 2011 enrollment climbed so high the state’s cost was $2.6 billion. Fool me once, shame on me… That’s when state government couldn’t pay the hospitals and doctor bills. Gov. LePage and Mary Mayhew, former DHHS commissioner and now candidate for governor, stepped up to the plate and solved the problem.

This time around it will cost at least $400 million over the next five years.

With help-wanted signs all over the place, adults have no excuse for applying for (welfare) Medicaid, but under this expansion they can quit those jobs when they have reached the minimum earnings allowed and receive free health care. Outrageous!

Oh, and don’t let anybody tell you that the proposed expansion will end Maine’s opioid epidemic, because around the country it has been shown that throwing money at this problem is not the answer.

Maine voters learned their lesson after the “bad ol’ days” of debt. Let’s reject Question 2 expanding Medicaid and tell these outside groups enough is enough so lay off!

Rose Marie Russell