Letter: Fay excels at working across the aisle


I encourage the voters of Maine House District 66 (parts of Casco, Raymond and Poland) to re-elect Jessica Fay. She has done an admirable job representing our district in these difficult times.

I have worked with Jess in various aspects of our state political process, and I can vouch that she is exceptionally even-handed, open to feedback and constituent input, and determined to do what is best for the people she represents and the state of Maine. This means working across the aisle – an essential skill for any legislator these days – and in this she excels. Taking into account multiple viewpoints and building a consensus are what we need in our legislators and in this Jess Fay is at the top of her class.

Let’s re-elect Jess Fay. It’s the best we can do for our State House district this election season.

Halsey W. Snow