Letter: Gass has solid credentials for House


It’s time to begin thinking about the potential for change in our political system. This fall, we’ll all have the opportunity to participate in another election. I believe the candidates we choose to represent us on a state level will have an enormous impact on the direction we take as a country. New voices will emerge to energize the body-politic and help us move to a more moderate and cooperative place.

I would personally like to endorse one of those fresh new voices, independent candidate for Maine House District 67, Anne Gass.

I’ve known Ann for the past 30 years as a smart, dedicated business woman who is committed to improving our communities through volunteerism and engagement. She’s someone who will find solutions to problems and work across the political spectrum to find common ground, and common sense. Anne is no “tax-and-spend liberal,” or someone’s version of this popular conservative ideal. She is rooted in a strong New England ethic of independent thought and rigorous critical debate. Persistence and a keen knowledge of the political process round out Anne’s solid credentials. The Independent label says as much about her approach to life as it does her political persuasion.

Please check out Anne’s web site www.annegassfordist67.com to learn more about her and her platform. I think you’ll agree with me that Anne Gass is indeed that fresh new voice we so desperately need as we all try to move into a better political reality.

Randy Visser