Letter: Gass will help end divisiveness

I am casting my vote in the upcoming election for Anne B. Gass, an Independent for House District 67. Most of my life I have been a solid Republican, but after many years of watching and listening to the divisive wrangling going on in Augusta, I feel we need cooler, independent heads and voices to prevail.

Anne and I have known each other since we both worked on the Gray Community Endowment where I had a chance to get to know her integrity, ability to plan ahead and think out of the box.

Anne has been a part of Gray through volunteering on many committees for 30 years, is a small business owner and is dedicated independent who cares about people, will listen to everyone whether they agree with her or not and will bring years of problem solving to Augusta to help bring about the end to the divisiveness of recent years so the Legislature can move forward on issues important to this state.

Natalie Blake