Letter: Headline was misleading


I am disturbed with the Nov. 23 Current article relating to the draft report on dispatch consolidation among Cape Elizabeth, South Portland and Scarborough (“S.P., Cape contest dispatch report”). The headline indicates that South Portland and Cape Elizabeth are contesting the report. The lead of the article then indicates that South Portland is contesting the report.

The juxtaposition of the headline and the lead may mislead readers to an incorrect conclusion. Unlike South Portland, Cape Elizabeth has not contested any recommendation. We did ask the consultant to correct many errors of fact in the report and to remove all subjective conclusions including the one you cite that Cape Elizabeth is resistant to consolidation.

The article in the Current implies that our criticism of the errors in the draft report predisposes us to be against the actual recommendations. This implication is a disservice to the process and to your readers. I await a final report that is useful as a public policy resource. It is unfortunate that your newspaper devoted so much ink and reader time to the draft report and added further confusion to a challenging issue.

Mike McGovern

Town Manager, Cape Elizabeth