Letter: Resident disagrees with Hiltunen, questions others

I disagree with Lane Hiltunen’s column of Oct. 5 about Windham (“A window into failures?”) For too long our Town Council has put almost complete faith in the town manager. It is understandable that they are upset. I do not believe that a new town manager would fix that. I believe that both the council and the town manager can learn from current misfortunes and even though there may be differences, this could be better for our town.
On another note, I read a quote from David Nadeau, “All these people get here and want more.” I have to wonder, does this mean more bonds or taxes for those who got here earlier?
Still another, Dennis Welch, says that he wants  to work as a councilor, in the future, so that he can continue working on wastewater infrastructure for North Windham. I realize that it may be in an early stages, but it appears that he knows something that Windham taxpayers do not. 
I enjoy reading Lake Region Weekly and appreciate the opinion pages.
John Lawlor