Letter: Shangraw city leader in word, deed


As friend and Westbrook resident I proudly support Deb Shangraw’s bid for the seat of Councilor At Large on the Westbrook City Council.

Deb has lived in and owned property in Westbrook since 1983, 35 years. In 1995 she started her own business, Emerald Management, which still thrives on Main Street.

She has long been interested in the viability of the city of Westbrook as a community by being a leader in word and deed.

In 2012 she founded Westbrook’s Taxpayers United group and with her business background often appeared at council meetings to question budgets, expenditures and decisions.

It has been said if you need a helping hand ask a busy person. Deb Shangraw has given of her talents freely: Rotary, Westbrook Chamber of Commerce, Toys for Tots Fundraiser, president of Discover Downtown Westbrook and volunteer donor and Advisory Board member of My Place Teen Center.

Deb Shangraw is such an intelligent, down-to-earth, respectful and positive person. I am so glad she has decided to run for City Council.

Rose Marie Russell