Letter: Thanks to Rep. Fay for helping oil customers


I am writing today with a letter of thanks to Rep. Jess Fay.

Not long ago, I wrote out a check for $2,000 for my oil bill. It got me to thinking that I never worried last year about whether I would get my scheduled oil delivery. I knew I would. Many of my friends were not so lucky with their oil companies. When I started to get inklings of panic from them, I called Rep. Fay and discovered she was already on top of it.

Many of my Raymond friends were not even in her district, yet she advocated for every one of them: found people to help them, numbers to call, and places to find answers. She also treated each one respectfully, generously and quickly. My sincere thanks to her.

My vote for Jess Fay, on Nov. 6, is for someone I can count on in Augusta.

Jani Cummings