LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Impeccable credentials


We need to send Rep. Sue Austin of Gray back to the Maine Legislature this year. Austin has been a consistent advocate for lower taxes and creating jobs. Her eight years in office are filled with aggressive efforts to keep government from raiding our wallets. Of particular note is her role in the historic 2010 Maine tax rollback, a victory she can be very proud of. It kept all our taxes down.

Her opponent is Rep. Anne Graham of North Yarmouth. Graham is for high taxes and her votes are job killers. Graham just received failing grades from both the Maine Chamber of Commerce and the People Before Politics groups. These non-partisan groups analyzed all the key legislation aimed to help put Mainers to work. They report Graham voted against Gray, North Yarmouth, and Pownal residents 64 percent and 77 percent of the time respectively. This dismal voting record is in sharp contrast to the message Graham wants you to believe, that she works for job creation. The truth is that Graham votes to kill jobs faster than Roundup kills poison ivy.

Voters couldn’t have a clearer choice in November. Rep. Sue Austin has one of the brightest voting records in the Maine Legislature on controlling taxes and creating jobs. Austin’s voting record every year is nearly 100 percent in support of helping Maine businesses to grow. She comes from a family of small business owners and understands the struggles they face every day. She knows what it takes to meet a payroll. She has served on the School Board and Town Council and been active in community foundations that give to those in need. Her Legislative and personal credentials are impeccable. Let’s send Sue back to Augusta.

Lincoln J. Merrill Jr.

North Yarmouth