Letter to the editor: Mr. Beem, are you talking about me?


After skimming Mr. Beem’s article last week in your periodical I had to stop, reread it and take inventory of its vocabulary. He is quite verbose. Twelve uses of “ugly” and 31 very derogatory words describing people he disagrees with. I must say, the amount of churning stomach acid produced to get this article to its final form must rival the annual haul of lobster from the Gulf of Maine and its surrounding waters, (maybe even including our northern brothers catch). And the hours of clenched teeth! He must have warn them down to a nub. Why, I had to show my 10-year-old daughter the article just to use it as a lesson of what could happen if you take the negative side of something without offering a positive solution. That notwithstanding, at least pitch in and help somehow!

I only have one question for the author, coming from a retired military veteran of 15 foreign countries and two conflicts, a first responder and Christian supporter of the president of the United States. Where do these words take us in our future and do they all apply to me?

B. Vickery