LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Questionable solicitation


An open letter to the Freeport Town Council:

We recently received a letter in the mail from the Freeport General Assistance office soliciting donations for the Community Library, the Fire and Rescue Department and the Heating Assistance Fund. We are a two-person family on a fixed income and, while we have monetarily supported these organizations in the past, we find it a bit egregious of the “powers that be” to solicit donations from residents after having donated $2.3 million of “surplus budget funds” to the Hunter Road athletic facility development.

In our opinion, this project is of questionable value to most of the residents of Freeport, ignores past development and Planning Board recommendations and zoning restrictions and seems of most benefit to the business-oriented section of the community.

We believe the last census put the population of Freeport at around 8,100 year-round residents. Simple math determines that the surplus fund donation cost each and every resident, man, woman and child, about $280. So our family has already involuntarily donated $560 to a questionable cause. The Community Library and the Fire and Rescue Department serve all Freeport residents and the Heating Assistance Fund enables some of our residents to stay warm in winter without having to cut back on food, shelter and/or prescribed medication. They are the ones that need our support.

Maybe the members of the Town Council will put their moral and ethical thinking caps on the next time they vote to donate “surplus funds” to a project that will benefit a few individuals and start thinking about things that will benefit more of Freeport’s residents.

Arthur and Charlotte Mary