Letter to the editor: Town Council chairman clarifies statement on Metro


Last week there was an article about the Metro service coming to Gorham; the American Journal had asked me for any comments I might have. I was also asked about anticipated ridership. What was printed was not exactly what I said. The article said that I didn’t think the ridership would justify the cost, but I never used the word justify and was not commenting if it was justified or not.

What I said was that I didn’t think the ridership would be high enough to cover the cost that we as the town are contributing towards the service. Covering the cost is not the same as justification. There are many more factors at play when it comes to talking about justification, and that’s what I took into account when I voted in the affirmative to spend the money towards the service. I will be very surprised if the fares exceed $35,000, the amount the town of Gorham is contributing to the service, but that doesn’t mean the expenditure isn’t justified.

Ben Hartwell

Chairman of the Gorham Town Council